First of all, I want to thank God for giving me the gift of music. It gives my life a sense of divine purpose. Special thanks to my wife, Alba for her love, care, and acceptance. With her presence, my heart can sing a daily melody. Thanks to my sons, Sebby, David, and Pietro for being my world and joyful inspiration. Thanks to my dad for being present with me in spite of the miles that separate us. Thanks to my mom who first encouraged me to play guitar and who continues to pray for my ministry. Thanks to my brother, Sammy for his advice and wisdom. Thanks to my sister, Patty for being my perfect soulmate. Special thanks to my friend, mentor, and right-hand, Lori. Without her encouragement, my music would not have direction. Thanks to my brother Jake for lending his talent and artistic eye to my work. Special thanks to my friend, Philip for his positive attitude and ear for perfection in the recording studio. Thanks to my friend Kyle for his great photography and artwork on the project. And finally, thanks to my friends and listeners. With you, the purpose of my music become full and complete.